Low power ultra-broadband terahertz sideband generation in bilayer graphene 
J. A. Crosse, Xiaodong Xu, Mark S. Sherwin, R. B. Liu
to appear in Nature Communication; [http://arxiv.org/abs/1401.1055]

Antenna-boosted mixing of terahertz and near-infrared radiation
Banks, H. B., Hofmann, A., Mack, S., Gossard, A. C., & Sherwin, M. S.
Applied Physics Letters, 105(9), 092102 (2014) [www]

Self-assembled ErSb nanostructures with optical applications in infrared and terahertz
H. Lu, D. G. Ouellette, S. Preu, J. D. Watts, B. Zaks, P. G. Burke, M. S. Sherwin, and A. C. Gossard
Nano Letters, 14, 1107-1112 (2014) [www]