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Artists rendition of an electron-hole recollision in a semiconductor (Peter Allen, UCSB)
Article in Nature Volume 483, Number 7391, pp. 580-583

Welcome to the Sherwin Group’s homepage. Our group is interested in the interaction of light and condensed matter in the terahertz frequency range. Please view the introduction section for more general information about terahertz research, or the research section for information about the specific projects that we are working on in our group.

Sherwin group news

November 2012
Recent developments in high-power pulsed electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy from the Sherwin and Han groups was just published in Nature [link].  High-power pulsed EPR allows much faster decoherence times to be measured as well as opening up the possibility for performing EPR at room temperature.

August 2012 

 Congratulations to Sherwin group graduate student Ben Zaks who won the Young Scientist Best Paper Award at the International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors 2012 in Zurich, Switzerland.

March 2012
Recent work investigating electron-hole recollisions performed in the Sherwin group was just released in the journal Nature [link].  In the same issue of Nature, a News & Views article by Rupert Huber provides additional insight and context for this research.  You can also read more about the work that was performed and watch a short video description on the UCSB Public Affairs website.

Our publication "Terahertz Ionization of Highly Charged Quantum Posts in a Perforated Electron Gasis featured on the cover of the journal Nanoletters.  [cover] [article]