Periodically-Driven Quantum Systems

Welcome to the Sherwin Group’s homepage. Our group is interested in the interaction of light and condensed matter in theterahertz frequency range. Please view the introduction section for more general information about terahertz research, or the research section for information about the specific projects that we are working on in our group.

Quantum nonlinear dynamics





Terahertz quasiparticle collisions

Electron paramagnetic resonance at sub-THz frequencies


240 GHz EPR powered by a free-electron laser


Heterodyne receiver for high-resolution THz spectroscopy in space 
(with Loren Pfeiffer, Princeton & Boris Karasik, JPL.)

Gd Spin labels for protein structure and dynamics
(with Daniella Goldfarb, Weizmann Institute of Science & Songi Han, UCSB)